Thursday, November 13, 2008

i'm still a little bit speechless.

last night gina, anna and i had the opportunity to go to the mtvU woodie awards at roseland.
apparently this event was 18+ ... but we got lucky and they didn't even check id's.
the line-up was to die for, and i had just been flipping out all week because of it.
i can't think of anything that can beat the cool kids, lykke li, all time low, santogold, and vampire weekend ... ALL IN ONE NIGHT!
oh, and special guest appearances by q-tip, spank rock, and ... get ready for it ... CHROMEO .... oh my goddddd.
i was basically dying the whole night.
there were two stages, the performance stage and the award stage. of course, we wanted to be at the performance stage, so we made our way up to the third row. good enough for right then, but of course, we ended up in the front row for santogold and vampire weekend.

first up were the cool kids (well, no, actually there was some other kid who rapped before them ... i don't remember his name, but he was funny) ... anyways, the cool kids only did one song, "delivery man," but it was flippin great. they had guys throwing ice cream sandwiches into the crowd. sadly, i didn't catch one. mikey had a great sweater on. he's always so stylish. hahaa.
i just wish they played more than one song. they just disappeared after that.

hayley williams from paramore came out to present an award that boys like girls won. they didn't deserve it. haha.

next, kid sis and a-trak came out to announce an award that chromeo happened to win. best shit ever.
it was so cute when chromeo came out and they all hugged ... it was like a big wonderful family on stage ... wait, what am i saying "like" a big wonderful family?? they are a family. a-trak and dave 1 are basically the coolest brothers ever.
oh, and btw ... kid sis is TOTALLY pregnant ... with a-trak's baby obvz. their child will be amazing.
just saying.

lykke li played next. bjorn from peter bjorn and john was playing bass for her. haha.
she did three songs, "dance dance dance," "i'm good, i'm gone" and she did one other song that i wasn't so sure of, but q-tip came out to sing with her. soo awesome. then q-tip did a few songs on his own. it was great.

they did some more awards, whatevz ... then mark hoppus came out to introduce all time low.
a winning combination for sure. all time low were just great. jack and alex can come and climb onto my head any day. as for jack shoving the mic in my mouth, well, i can do without that.
the booty dancers during "dear maria" freaked me out ... hahahaa.

after them, a bunch of assholes left the crowd. santogold was next.
i can't even comprehend how cool she is. her outfits are always fabulous, and she just knows how to command a crowd.
she kept looking at me and gina and basically singing to us. it was so cute.
oh, and her dancers are my favorite. like i've said before, I WANT TO BE ONE OF HER DANCERS!
then during her set, we got a bonus ... spank rock! oh shits.

oh supz spank rock

finally, vampire weekend was about to come on.
i was so confused though when i saw chromeo's stuff being set up on the stage too.
then i realized, they were gonna play together ... how amazing is that?
they told us that they were gonna film us specifically because we were "true fans" ... i find that really sad that we were probably their only fans in the front.
vamp were great ... and chromeo just made everything 15746463578 times more amazing.
i nearly pissed my pants.

they also kept filming us during santogold, so yes, you can expect to see me on mtv on NOVEMBER 19TH.

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