Wednesday, November 19, 2008


so last weekend, i was busy busy busy ... but in the end, kind of disappointed with everything.
i hate seeing my favorite bands, but being dissatisfied because i didn't get a chance to say hello to them.
that's what last weekend was like.

i saw bayside on friday ... i've seen them 13 times, and have never been disappointed after a show.
by no means was their set bad, THEY didn't suck ... they were great, but their crowd was not so great.
i guess it was the first time seeing bayside for many kids in the audience, so they don't know how shit runs when it comes to seeing bayside.
there were two extremes, the ridiculous people who were being overly violent and the debbie downers who were leaning against the wall not singing along. really, i've never seen a bayside crowd like that ... EVER! and frankly, i never want to see anything like that again. their new york shows are supposed to be the best ... don't fucking ruin it.

they played "guardrail," which in the 3 years that i've been seeing them, i've only seen them perform it TWICE. this being the second time. i was amazed, i was intrigued. that might've been the saving moment of that night.


i ended the night with no hugs ... peculiar.
i miss them, and i hope to god they don't just disappear on us.
i know for a fact though that they won't ... jack, nick, chris, and even ant are some of the most genuine people i know, and they wouldn't abandon their friends, or their fans ever.

the next morning i awoke ... tired.
but i was getting a ride to see the academy is... at starland at noon.
it wasn't my choice to go that early, trust me, haha.
the meet and greet was only open to slh members ... in which, i am NOT.
i honestly don't think meet and greets should discriminate. really ... it was absurd.
but the m&g was only a table signing ... nothing special or intimate about it.
unlike last year's m&g where we had all the time in the world to converse with every member, take pictures, and do whatever basically.

anyways ... again, with the horrible people in the crowd.
some horrible mother felt the need to kick and punch everyone in her vicinity so that her bitch-ass daughter could have a "nice view of bill" ... i wanted them to leave.
i ended up in the front for TAI, and i didn't even have early entry like everyone else in the front.
they never fail to impress.
"down and out" made my night ... it's such an amazing song.

they're an wonderful band, but i'm afraid that they're following in the footsteps of their fellow label-mates panic or fall out boy.
the venues they play are getting bigger and bigger, and you have to pay to meet them.
i don't believe in paying to be a fan. it doesn't make sense.
isn't love enough pay?
whatever ... i give up.

i have no more shows this month.

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