Friday, November 7, 2008

dan, where are my glasses?

last night was so incredibly good .... i almost pissed my pants a little.
we went to see hellogoodbye, ace enders, playradioplay! and nevershoutnever! @ the blender theater.
lolz, i don't get the deal with the combined three word names with exclamation points either.

ANYWAYZZZ ... nevershoutnever! is a 17 year old boy named cristofer drew from missouri and dear lord, he's adorable.
he has such a cute singing voice (especially when he sings in falsetto, oh my god ... really), and he doesn't wear shoes because he wants his feet to be free and unobstructed at all times.
he's also super nice and wonderful ... ahh.
i love him.

playradioplay! ... not much of a stretch from NSN! is a 19 year old boy from texas, dan hunter. his music seemed heavier on synth beats ... but his monitors were all out of whack. the vocals were way too low. i still kind of enjoyed him though.
oh, and he has a great pornstar mustache. we told him that later on when we found him sitting alone in a corner, texting. i don't think he's very sociable, which is sad, because he could potentially be a really cool guy.

next up was ace enders and a million different people. ace enders was the lead singer of the early november until they broke up in 2007. i was probably the only person in new jersey who wasn't DEVASTATED when they broke up ... and i was there for their last jersey show ever. hmm. but anyways, they were alright. ace looks a lot like michael cera 10 years from now, except i'm not attracted to ace enders ... so i'm now scared for michael cera. haha.

last, but most definitely not least were hellogoodbye. even with almost an entire line-up change, they managed to still be absolutely wonderful. i had never seen them for real for real (i saw them at bamboozle '07, which barely counts) ... so this was just fabulous. forrest is so adorable. at one point, he was getting so excited that he took his glasses off, then at the end of the song he got really confused and couldn't see and didn't know where his glasses went. it was so sad. hahahaaa.
aaah! he's just amazing. and he plays a mean ukulele. anyone who plays ukulele and promises cardigan parties is AMAZING in my book. he decided to jump in the crowd at the end of the set. of course he jumped into my area, and fell. but he got back up and we carried him back to the stage. i didn't grope his entire vegan body. nooo. lmao. oh dear.
they had a decently long set, with a couple new songs ... they didn't do "i saw it on your keyboard" though :( time.
it's forrest's birthday today. he said he was 32. wikipedia says he's 25. who knows.
idk what to believe ... i mean, i guess you can tell his age by his slowly receding hairline.
whatevz ... his age doesn't matter. all that matters is that he's great.
oh, and that new bassist. cuuuuute.

that's all.

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