Friday, October 10, 2008

nick and norah's not so infinite playlist...

honestly, i wanted to be wowed by this film.
the storyline in theory is to die for.
two people brought together because of their love of music.

i walked into the theater today with incredibly high expectations, and considering i love michael cera and kat dennings, and anything having to do with good music, i figured, they couldn't go wrong.
by no means did i DISLIKE the movie, but it just wasn't quite as good as i wanted it to be.
sure, it was nice knowing everywhere they were going, and devendra banhart's cameo was cool ... but i felt like i had already seen the movie before.
or maybe it was because michael cera's character was essentially the same as paulie bleeker in juno.

oh well.
the soundtrack is good though.
vampire weekend, shout out louds, technically islands (though they're not on the cd) ... hmm.

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