Thursday, October 2, 2008

who killed harry houdini??

my favorite 21 member swedish band just released a new album!!
well, actually, it came out in Europe on the 24th, but it doesn't come out in the US until october 14th, but of course, i couldn't resist downloading it.

it basically sounds like a continuation of let me introduce my friends.
nothing really changed, in fact some of the songs sound the same as ones on the first album.
not that it's not enjoyable, but i feel like i've already heard these songs.
i could've sworn "headphones" was just the tones down version of "rec and play."
simple tunes, hand clapping, funny instruments, not so deep lyrics, la la la-ing.
you know? it's what was expected.

i almost wanted some kind of drastic change, considering the cover of the album is so dark and dare i say, scary?
but i suppose it's difficult to compromise when it comes to changing up the sound when there's so many members.

i will say though, that it's super fun to dance to (the fast songs, at least ... but there aren't many), and i'm sure their live shows are still just as exciting.
they wouldn't get rid of the balloons and confetti, would they?
or would they?
with these slow ass songs, i don't know what to think. what gives, emanuel?

right, so on to other matters.

i've always resented hellogoodbye, but i think it's just because i neglected listening to songs that WEREN'T singles.
so, i downloaded zombies! vampires! aliens! dinosaurs! the other day, and i can't stop listening.
"i saw it on your keyboard" has been on repeat. so good!
i mean, really, look at these lyrics! lovez it.

And then I saw it on your keyboard
And you saw it on my sleeve
I never knew a heart existed
Outside of make believe
Then I saw it on your keyboard
I knew at least that I might have a chance
To catch a shooting star

and yes, i'm skipping my junior prom to see them.
oh lord.

but really, who wouldn't love them? they're just so happy.

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