Friday, September 12, 2008


school has pretty much taken over my life for the past week and has left me no time to blog.
tonight, i was supposed to see the wombats and the kooks at the stone pony, but because no one wanted to drive me, and taking the train apparently takes like three hours, i obviously decided against it, which saddens me because i <3 the wombats.
so, now i'm sitting at home complaining that i didn't go.

but of course, i AM excited for what is coming in the next few weeks.
uhmm...hey tokyo police club!
and no, i don't mean with weezer. i mean at maxwell's, smack in the middle of the tour.
how wonderful is that?! i nearly pissed my pants when i found out they were playing.
also, santogold is playing next week at irving, which should be good ... but for $25, i better get a free kitten or something.

thennnn, there are like a million things coming up in october, for cmj and whatnot.
people complain that cmj just gets worse every year, but you have to admit that there are always gonna be at least a few REALLY good shows, right?
uh, hellz yes to the iheartcomix party (juiceboxxx, team robes, totally michael, ninjasonik and otherzzz), and the panache showcase the day before that. ridiculous.

oh and this isn't part of cmj, but matt and kim's halloween party is going to be the best. for sure.
aghh.........and in case you haven't yet noticed, they have a new song, "good ol' fashion nightmare"
you can listen to it here:

and btw, i'm not sure if i've ever really elaborated on how much i love natalie portman's shaved head, but i should let you know that they have the most addictive music on the planet, they're adorable, they have the catchiest songs ever, and yes, they even sound good backwards.

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