Monday, September 1, 2008

beat the heat

no can do.

we were GOING TO see team robes today, but decided against that considering it was fucking sweltering and being on a steaming tar rooftop in the middle of this heat sounded less than appealing.

sooooo, we decided to walk like 9 million miles to lupe's for some enchiladas and watermelon agua frescas ... and casey skinner?
if you're like me, you'll watch any dumb television show on bravo, including the beyond trashy modeling show, make me a super model. why was it so trashy? well, they had the contestants practically nude every week.
i mean, i had no problem with this, considering casey skinner is incredibly gorgeous.
don't believe me? yes please.

anywayssss ... we were eating our enchiladas and my mom quickly turned her eyes to the window and was like "ooh, who's that?!" sure enough, i whipped my head around to see a boy with dark blonde hair, and the most striking blue eyes i've ever seen, wearing a shirt with a pig on it, skateboarding around the block.
he stared right at us, probably because we were staring at him, thenas he turned to the window closest to us, he looked me straight in the eye, and i kid you not ... he struck a pose. he stopped put his arm up and his hand in his hair. what?!
thanks for making my meal like 9 million times as good as it was before.
shit, as if lupe's isn't one of my favorite enchilada joints ever, casey just enhances everything. yes he does.
not to mention he's only 20. ahemmm...attainable? sure. but he's a model. who knows if he even accepts anyone under the height of 5 foot 9, and more than 98 pounds.
hmmm...well then.
i'm out.

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