Monday, September 1, 2008

where did the summer go?

it's now labor day, and i feel like the summer just flew right by my eyes, and now i'm going back to school.
only two more years of high school, right? not that bad. LIES!

so, to end the summer's festivities, we headed over to coney island.
most likely the last time i will ever go there considering demolition is starting soon and astroland will be no more, not to mention, no more siren fest. sad face.
despite the trash and scary people everywhere you turn, i really savor my time there.
from the wonder wheel to banana softserve, it's all just so perfect.
i hate to see it go.
but who knows, they could be lying again.
we all thought it wasn't gonna be here this summer. guess we were wrong.

sickeningly delicious nathan's:

tell me there ISN'T something wrong with this cheesefry:

up up up on the wonder wheel.

um yeah, hi....children come to astroland too. this shit is scary:

i'll miss this:

i really dislike clowns:

grilled fresh ... from a vending machine:

don't park here i guess:

my favorite banana softserve:

goodbye summer.

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