Tuesday, May 26, 2009

blah blah blahhhhhhh

it's one of those days.
those days when everything annoys me, but of course,
it had to by triggered by something, right?
triggered by a problem.

i have a problem.
my problem is my friends.
my friends who put their burdens on me, as if i know how to help.

i can't help them if i don't know or don't care what their problems are.
depression, angst, heartache?
nothing i have to deal with myself, so why bother with other peoples' issues?
i'd like not to be a part of your wallowing sadness.

it all just makes me so upset.
i'm NOT the knower of all things.
i give shitty advice.
i'm not a therapist.

then when i tell them i don't know how to help them, they get mad at me and tell ME that i'm being insensitive.

way to go, guys.

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