Friday, May 22, 2009

it's safe to say...

that i am officially super freaked out by the new grizzly bear video.
don't get me wrong, "two weeks" is a great song, but holy crap ... the video was weird to say the least.
here are a few screencaps i put together so you can get the "feel" of the whole thing.

freaked out yet?


Leia Jospe said...

My favorite is from 1:03 - 1:07 where Chris like, smiles. what the fuck

devyn ... hellz yesssss! said...

i have no ideaaaaaa .... i was totally freaked out the whole time i was watching it.
love the song, but holy lord ... just no no no no noooo @ the video.
way to go, grizzly bear! lmfao.