Saturday, May 30, 2009

bust craftacular!

so i forgot to talk about this ... it was like two weeks ago at warsaw in greenpoint.
overly crowded, but enjoyable nonetheless.
when you went in, there was a table where they were screenprinting totebags and people could just take one, for FREE!
so of course, i asked for the one with a unicorn on it.
it was so very exciting.

here's a close-up of the design.
it says "imagination is more important than knowledge"
of course, the screenprinting can't be perfect every time, so you can't really read it clearly.

i also bought this fantastic necklace.

yes, it's a mustache... you love it.

my beloved, gael garcia bernal is on the cover of the new issue of paper magazine!

i suppose because rudo y cursi came out this month, which by the way, was GREAT!
not amazing, but not at all bad.
honestly, it's pretty difficult to go wrong with gael and diego.

are you dying yet?


Leia Jospe said...

omg what i want. i need to learn how to screenprint/silkscreen etc.

devyn ... hellz yesssss! said...

i suck at silkscreening, lmao.
i did a workshop a few years ago and everything failed.
but they were doing the bags with this machine thingie that you can buy: