Monday, February 16, 2009

what will foals become when they grow up?

so, i hadn't listened to foals in quite a while, and just yesterday i remembered just how much i love them.
i get so tense listening to them ... but not like an uncomfortable tense ... it's like a weird kind of tenseness where you feel like doing a really long math equation, then taking a crazy nap.
they've grown in popularity like exponentially over the past year or so, and after playing a billion shows here last year up until may, they decided that the the states just aren't that important.
jack bevan claimed they'd be back in october, but um, it's february now.
they probably decided not to come back because yannis got so upset when they played maxwell's on may 7th.

but anyways, i just got around to downloading all those b-sides i've been missing out on.
so good ... oh my god.
go find these:

and these:

yes, "super inuit" is a holy fuck cover.

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