Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i love turbotax!

no, not because it's a great tax filing service (is it really? i'm not one to know ... i don't pay taxes) but because they sponsored last night's myspace secret show with lily allen and ... get ready for it ... MATT AND KIM, and trouble andrew.

it's as if they reached into my brain and picked out all my favorite people and threw them onto a stage. so good. wonderful.
we got there around 2:30 to ensure our admission and stayed on line until 7:30 ... yes, we were on line for a solid 5 hours. thankfully, they passed out free lily allen shirts, stickers and lollypops to appease us. i had no problem with that.

they herded us in like cattle. we ran down the stairs and to the door only to find yet another crowd of frustrated peole. they opened the doors like 15 minutes later and we all attempted to run up the stairs then got stopped AGAIN because trouble andrew was sound checking. he couldn't do that before doors opened?? finally after 20 minutes of being way too close to nasty strangers and ghetto-ass girls on the stairs, they let us in and we charged towards the stage and took our spots on the right side, aka matt's side, which was totally weird because i've been on kim's side every time since the first time i saw matt and kim.

trouble andrew was super cool ... but seriously, that bull horn was NOT necessary!!!
anways, he only played like 4 songs, which was sad because he's so much fun!

for an opening spot, m&k's set was a decent length. they managed to throw in a lot of my favorites, but they refused to slow it down and play "lightspeed." it was strange hearing such a silence fall over most of the crowd when they played. there were obviously only about 10 people in the crowd that REALLY liked them. all ofthem happened to be in my general vicinity.
i was ridiculously excited as usual, but i could not compare myself to the guy standing next to me. i had never seen him at a matt and kim show before, but he had definitely seen them before because he knew the drill for all the songs and when to put up his arm and when to count and everything - but he was super violent and not cool about it at all. like, i get it, he was trying to have fun but really?? did you have to hurt everyone around you?
also, a note to the crowdsurfers and stage divers last night, PLEASE DON'T DO IT UNLESS YOU KNOW PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO CATCH YOU! the large man lady fell right on my face. i would've threatened to cut her after the show if she wasn't so frightening.

after matt and kim, i was totally parched and dehydrated and hot and sweaty and disgusting and uncomfortable, and it didn't help that the three middle-aged assholes in front of me smelled like leather and kept elbowing me and flicking their hair in my face.

thankfully, lily allen went on shortly after. she had the most adorable dress and sweater ever. she's just super cute and fantastic. i love her so much. by the middle of the set, she was a little bit tipsy and was giggling at almost everything, but if anything, she was even more fun when drunk. after she left the stage, we called her back for an encore ... yes, she did "womanizer" ... hellz yessss! so good.

i was totally sore after the show, but again, we got outside and they gave us a poster ... more free stuff! yay!

the end.
lily allen again in april with my baybeeeeeez in npsh.

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