Sunday, February 8, 2009

well it's been a long time, long time now, since i've seen you smile

so of course, as you might already know, i saw beirut at BAM last night, the last day of his three brooklyn shows.
words cannot express how much i missed zach condon and his trumpet. it had been a year and four months since his masonic temple show which absolutely blew my mind. i only expected this show to be just as wonderful, if not better.
i had dear zachary on the "i'm mad at you, but i still love you, but you're really crappy for never playing shows in the area that i can actually attend" list until yesterday, but he had finally made it out of that hole of shame.

he was in a good mood and had tons of energy. i honestly couldn't have asked for a better show from him, though i am confused as to why he didn't play "scenic world" ... but whatever, it was still a great set. he played a few songs from gulag, some from flying club cup, elephant gun, some new material from the ep's, including my two favorites "the concubine" and "the akara." he also played a serge gainsbourg cover of "la javanaise", which was absolutely fantastic, and two songs that i don't have ... one is called "east harlem" and the other, i'm not sure of.
update: maybe it's called "kozak" or something ... i don't know, i probably read the setlist wrong.

i honestly can't even get over how great he was. he amazes me to no end. his voice is like tall glass of baritone brilliance.
it's smoother than a red velvet cupcake and more enjoyable than a steaming mug of thick hot chocolate with whipped cream on a bitterly cold day.
it's incrdible that a boy so young can create such complex and amazing music. i cannot thank you enough, zach condon.
oh, and kaki king was adorable ... she can do all the rock moves while playing her song in 11/8 that she wants. she was so good! i definitely underestimated her before the show.

here are some photos i snuck towards the end before getting caught:

i apologize for the crappy filming ... i had to hide the light from the screen in order to keep myself from getting in trouble, so i couldn't actually see what was on the screen, hence the reason why sometimes you'll see someone's head or the wall. i tried!

"the concubine"


"the akara"

"a sunday smile"

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