Saturday, February 7, 2009

i remember those days of late december.

last night was the reunion show of my favorite local band, off broadway.
they broke up "officially" in january of 2008, and basically the entire population of suburban girls in essex and bergen county were devastated. and of course a couple of hood dwellers from jersey city, those being myself and gina.
so, then after incessant pleading, they set up a reunion show at school of rock.
they told me about it just a few days before christmas, and i nearly peed my pants.

so finally, february 6th came and there we were, in the front row. i had been going insane for the past week because i was so excited. and frankly, i had every reason to be as excited as i was. it was just one huge flashback. i felt like i was 14 years old.
definitely one of the best shows i've seen them put on. it was painfully short, but there was energy for days, and oh, the cover of "dammit" by blink was just a fantastic surprise. another bonus! brian from action item played guitar for them.
i would've jumped on stage if giancarlo wasn't totally in our way and if i didn't have my camera to worry about.

i really think if they hadn't broken up, they would've been HUGE by now. not that they don't have a good following, but i'm sure they would've been known all over the country.
but i suppose they'll always just be local heroes.
hopefully this "reunion" wasn't a one night thing, because i miss them already.



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