Wednesday, January 14, 2009

thank you jason schwartzman!

for yet another lovely album.
seriously, i feel a little overwhelmed by all of the good music i've been listening to for the past 3 days. it's mind blowing!
everything is so fantastic!
this is a great year, i can hear it.

davy, the latest release from coconut records, jason schwartzman's musical project.
although it's just under 30 minutes, it packs a punch and makes you feel like you just ran through a field of unicorns and kittens.
it's sweet music. the kind of music that gives you the same feeling that you get after eating a delicious piece of cheesecake, minus the stomachache.

hopefully he'll decide to tour for this album.
what i'd give to meet that man.

if you're unfamiliar with him and his work, please see the following movies - and every other wes anderson film just because he's a fantastic director:
the darjeeling limited
i ♥ huckabees

then go buy jason's first album, nighttiming if you don't have it already ... get it just for the first two tracks at least.
flippin amazingggggg.

snow tomorrow?

oh and btw, a random question.
have you ever realized that when one sense is weakened for a moment that the others seem to give out as well?
when i take of my glasses, i swear i can't hear as well. or if i can't hear, my eyes glaze over and i can't see ... etc.
just wondering. maybe i'm just weird.
i need new glasses.

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