Friday, January 23, 2009

i stood back on the couch, remembered this is my life, with my hands over my head, friends by my side

last night marked the ... i don't know, 473563771489th time i've seen Matt and Kim. i've stopped counting.
but anyways, it was the release show for their sophomore LP, Grand.
of course, you've heard me hyping about Grand all week ... all month ... for the past 3 months, and i have a reason to.
it's because it's flippin' AMAZING!!
of course, it's no s/t ... nothing will ever beat that, but this definitely comes close.
it was such a joy to see them tomorrow, despite the fact that i knew i'd have bruises the next day.
and today i have bruises across my ribcage and stomach ... and on my leg. SUPER AWESOME! but the bruises are always worth it.

the openers for Matt and Kim were complete surprises.
they had just been listed as "special guests."
right before i left the house, i read on brooklyn vegan that spank rock would be there.
i didn't believe it ... he never shows up for anything, but sure enough, he was there!
ninjasonik played for a bit ... super fun as always.
then the rude mechanical orchestra played. fantastic! they are so entertaining! i love them. it makes me want to be in an orchestra.
after them, spanky came for a little bit. he's so charming, and i'm so glad he decided to show up. it would've been a sin NOT to.

at around 11:30, m&k came on. their set was about an hour ... good.
but i think they've just stopped playing "no more long years." i haven't heard them play it since the summer maybe :(
it makes me very sad. but they were incredible anyway, and i wouldn't expect anything less from them.
their set ended and it turned into a post-show dance party! ... much like the last tiem they played at music hall, except for this time, EVERYONE stayed.
sadly, i had to leave the dance party early because i had my history exam this morning ... blahh!
til next time Matt and Kim.


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