Monday, January 26, 2009


what dumbass puts his secret show at 10pm at some dumb bar in greenpoint on a monday, the same day as andrew bird oh, andddd as his best friends a hawk and a hacksaw?
zach condon of course ... also the mastermind behind putting his february shows on the same days as final fantasy.
i am now sitting home, sulking, and listening to zapotec/holland.
which btw, are both great EP's.
pick up a leak if it's still working, or buy it when it comes out in february.
zach condon is brilliant. just not today.

really zach? really??

must listen tracks:
"the concubine" from holland
"the akara" from zapotec

only 12 days til beirut @ bam.

it has been a year and 4 months since i last saw them.
i miss this.

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