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2009: The Year In Numbers (Posts 1-2)

After the magnificence of 2008, this year had some tough competition, but with a swift start, it was quickly in the running for my favorite year yet. But would it live up to my standards, or would it sink into the background of the first decade of the millennium? Only time would tell.

This year had its ups, and it had its downs. We had our share of devastating band breakups, and unexpected reunions, heartbreak, pure awesomeness, being ripped off by the assholes at BAM, never getting Janelle Monae to give us her paintings, barely spending anything for shows this past summer, and being covered in mud way too many times for my liking. But all in all, 2009 proved to be a lot better than I predicted.

I will countdown to the new year by posting a list every day (or every other day), depending on what I have time for. This should get pretty interesting. I will start with the best dressed bands and artists of 2009.

5. Nick Thorburn (Islands)

-Okay, so how could I NOT include him on this list? Yes, it's a complete turnaround from his previous costumes, but no one can deny the grandeur of a bedazzled cape by Christian Joy.

4. Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

-Again, can't go wrong with Christian Joy. Karen O is the epitome of fierce. She could even make a garbage bag look hot.

3. Janelle Monae

-Black and White. She's classy as hell. No one can make a women's pants suit look as fantastic as she can.

2. Patrick Wolf

-He's not a diva, he's just got standards. Seriously though, when it comes to what he wears on stage, he has high standards. He wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything that doesn't make a statement... and a loud statement at that.

And now, the number one best dressed artist of 2009 (No, it's not Lady GaGa), for the second year in a row...

1. Kevin Barnes (of Montreal)

-What else is new? Must I go into why he is so amazing? His outfits are always so ridiculously over the top, and he changes countless times at every show, then just gives away his garments like it's nothing! His closet must be endless.

Here are some of his best dressed (and undressed) moments this year:

Next list: Most Heartbreaking Shows

On to the next year-end list.

Although there were countless fabulous shows, it was inevitable that there would also be heartbreaking ones. And I must say, they seemed more heartbreaking than usual, as I've actually broken down in tears... multiple times. Yeah, they were that bad. Like, honestly, so upsetting. Whether it was the plethora of d-bags surrounding us, in turn ruining the night, or realizing that all of your favorite band members of a band got kicked out, they all made for depressing nights.

The number 5 spot for most heartbreaking shows goes to...

5. Lily Allen, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head @ Roseland Ballroom (4/20/09)

- Oh yeah, NPSH? Think you're all high and mighty now that you're opening for big name artists? Yeah, not so much. Anyways, of course, I was one of the only assholes dancing to them, but because it was about 8 thousand degrees where we were standing, we opted to leave the crowd and stand somewhere else. I love Lily to death, but this was just an upsetting show. Not to say that she had a bad performance, because she most definitely did not. It was just an upsetting night, mostly due to the fact that it was at one of my least favorite venues. Oh, and that that this was the night I realized that Natalie Portman's Shaved Head are just a bunch of assholes who think it's okay to bask in their nonexistent fame. There was no one at their merch stand because they were too busy spending quality time with "John" (who was actually Bjorn ... way to get them confused! John is the bald one, Bjorn has the mustache, obviously) from Peter Bjorn and John backstage, eating bananas and whatnot. And hot damn, those tickets were expensive too!

4. Nightmare of You @ Maxwell's (1/17/09)

- Okay, Okay, so they were my favorite band when I was 14. I was on that "friend" basis with them, I saw them all the time, I had enough set lists to wipe my ass with, it was all fine and dandy, until they disappeared one day. So, of course, with their miraculous return to Maxwell's last January, I was thrilled. But it was that night where I came to realization that they were not the same band. I was horrified when they came on stage, and I could not even fathom the fact that the only two original members of the band are Brandon and Joe. Ryan was kicked out of the band, and replaced by some weird old guy. And to top it off, Brandon was completely drunk. Nice move, guys. Just lost a fan.

3. The Woodie Awards @ Roseland Ballroom (11/18/09)

- Truly heartbreaking. I had high expectations after last year's experience, and I figured this year would be awesome too. I was Mistaken. You know when Death Cab For Cutie, a band that has been around for over a decade, is being referred to as the "Twilight soundtrack stars," that something is wrong. Very very wrong. Also, Matt and Kim have been whored out by MTV, and there's no way to get them back. Oh, and a note to Roseland Ballroom, TURN DOWN THE BASS! FOR GOD'S SAKE, DO YOU WANT OUR EARS TO BLEED?!?

2. of Montreal @ Terminal 5 (9/18/09)

- I regret going to this show. I was left totally unsatisfied afterwards, and not just due to the fact that the whole crowd was probably the worst I've encountered in a while, but the fact that of Montreal held back. Sure, this would have been fine for an "of Montreal virgin," but I was just less than excited at this show. I'd say I'm just jaded, but that's not true. I know they're capable of much more; they just didn't have the same energy they've had at previous shows. And it didn't help that the show was at Terminal 5. Dear God, never going there again. I'd rather sleep in a dumpster, thanks. Trust me, if you missed this, you really didn't miss anything (except for Solange Knowles ... and i guess Janelle Monae too, but every show of her's is exactly the same, seeing her ten times is just like seeing her once. It never changes). You just saved yourself $35. No, really. There is nothing to be sad about if you didn't go to this pathetic excuse for an of Montreal show. I mean, Kevin kept his clothes ON ... what the hell is that?

Now, after all that, what could POSSIBLY be the most heartbreaking show of the year?

I bet you didn't expect this...

1. Islands @ The Bell House (8/19/09)

- No. Super. Chow. Brothers. Need I say more? Islands is not Islands. Islands is Nick and whoever he feels like having to back him up. Again, however, this was not a bad show by ANY means; it was quite enjoyable actually. It's just that I was thoroughly baffled when I realized that Nick had changed the ENTIRE band lineup. I was upset, to say the least, but I suppose it was to be expected, given the whole change of sound on the new album. And umm, the aftermath of the show wasn't much to be praised. Just a bunch of angsty hipsters hating on me on everyone's favorite public music forum for ~*~StaTiN' da FaCtZz.

Next list: Most Life Threatening Shows

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