Monday, October 5, 2009

it's october 5th.

ohhh, another one of these posts?
kid sister's album is supposed to drop tomorrow, and what can i say, i don't expect it to be out tomorrow. i mean, how many times has she postponed the release date?
frankly, i've given up. she's out of the radar, almost nonexistent in my eyes.
like, don't get me wrong, she's totally fun and awesome to listen to, but shit, i can't wait forever. it was supposed to come out like a year and a half ago. tell me what's wrong with this picture.
i've been looking for leaks, there's nothing.
all it says on her myspace (yeah, who goes on myspace anymore? i was desperate for information, chill out) is that it's coming soon. coming soon when? next week? next month? next year? in fact, next year seems more believable than tomorrow.

also, apparently, this bitch is playing at webster on november 27th.
there's no other information about that show on the webster website. awesome!

kid sister fails again.

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