Friday, June 5, 2009

almost there.

i only have two days left of school, and frankly, i couldn't be more excited.
but the weird thing is that it doesn't even feel like the end of the school year.
it could be february for all i know.
but obviously it isn't because my birthday is in three weeks.
i still haven't decided what i'm going to do yet. i've got a whole slew of shows within my birthday week, though i have nothing actually ON my birthday.
i considered going to the state fair. strangely, i've never even been to the NJ state fair, but i've been to the Connecticut state fair, which is weird. i didn't have a great experience; always remember, the tilt-a-whirl results in vomiting after eating a plate of funnel cake.
not good, not good at all.

anyways, i watched Into The Wild last night.

it's really a great film. i still have yet to read the book. maybe i'll get on that this weekend, after i finish re-reading Franny and Zooey.

i'd like to be productive this weekend.
i should plan a schedule.
will it involve studying for my last exam?
... probably not.

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