Saturday, May 30, 2009

i'm not...

getting into college.

i have already come to the conclusion that my grades aren't that great, my sat scores suck, i'm not in enough clubs in school...
i quit them all because they all meet on the same day.

i'm not that great of a musician, i'm not that great of a photographer. i'm not that great of a writer. i'm just not that great.

do i even count as a minority? can i get financial aid? i sure as hell won't get academic scholarships.

every school i 'like' ... every school i 'want' is too good for me.
average gpa, 3.5 i have a 3.4 ... maybe. average sat score on verbal and math, 1200. i have an 1100.

i'll always be teetering on the edge of good, and not good enough.

dear college,
why must you make it so hard for me?


Leia Jospe said...

you will get into college shut your yapper. I did so badly on the SATs it's embarrassing. YOU WILL BE FINE.

devyn ... hellz yesssss! said...

it's so stressful!
i'm gonna do all my essays over the summer.
i need to do like 4 essays or something for the BA/BFA 5 year thing through lang/jazz ... wtf.