Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i'm back, thank goodness.

so, i've been in monmouth county for the last god knows how many days without internet.
oh grammy, you're so behind the times ... so of course, i came back to 98 notifications on facebook, 23 unread e-mails and surely, no time to take a nap.

i messed up my finger when i was adjusting a chair, so i'm obviously not at my bass lesson right now.
whatever, i needed a break.
nasty blood bubble ... i keep thinking it's gonna pop all over my macbook while i'm typing.

as soon as i got home from my lovely grandmother's home, i was right back out again to go see maria taylor (some may know her as conor oberst's ex-gurlfran) and whispertown 2000 at maxwell's.
good show ... i love her voice so much!

maria's bassist, nate nelson was perhaps one of the most attractive young men i've seen in a while.
i kid you not, it's as if gael garcia bernal and devendra banhart collided in a tornado of handsomeness and made a love baby.
it is most definitely this boy:

and a note to whispertown 2000 ... YOU HAVE THE BEST MERCH!
yes, that's a baby harmonica necklace

somebody make this rain stop.

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