Tuesday, February 3, 2009

well then.

as sources are telling me, ahem ... brooklyn vegan, apparently natalie portman's shaved head are touring with lily allen and will be here on april 20th at roseland.
i hate roseland to pieces, but npsh are one of my favorites and lily allen's awesomeness can NOT be denied.
not to worry ... i'll be in the front fo'sho.

speaking of venues i hate, the cut copy/matt and kim show at terminal 5 is sold out and uhh ... I DON'T HAVE TICKETS!
this is going to be a disaster.
no one is selling on craigslist.
anyone have any they'd like to give me?

did you see the snow today??

apparently it's supposed to snow into tomorrow and thursday.
hope for no school.
i refuse to go outside.
i have to make a cake.

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