Friday, February 20, 2009

photography project!

so ... you may or may not have heard, but i'm doing a photography project.
i need from 20-25 specimens of all ages, male and female to pose for a few frames.
in the end i'll compile my favorites from each person's shoot to have a series of "themed portraits."
i think it'll be pretty cool.
each person will pose with the same prop ... that prop being my grandfather's glasses from the 70's that i found a few months ago. but the glasses will be worn or used differently in every picture.
oh, and you get to pose in front of a glittery backdrop. i know you think that's exciting.
i know i do!
SOOOO ... if you're interested, please please please let me know by the end of the month at the latest.
i'm running low on boys, so if you're a boy and feel like doing this, i'll be forever grateful.

this could be you!

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