Saturday, January 10, 2009

really owen?

dear owen pallett,

why would you book your shows in NY on the exact same days as both of beirut's shows at BAM?
did it not occur to you that most people who enjoy the music you create also enjoy beirut?

obviously there is no competition considering everyone bought their beirut tickets already and sold out all of his shows that week, and you didn't announce your shows until AFTER that was done.
i understand that you will be back later in february with grizzly bear and the bklyn philharmonic at BAM, but tickets are too expensive for my liking.
i'm poor and need to pay for all of the other shows i haven't bought tickets for yet.
no sense in paying $55 for ONE show, right?

why couldn't you just play WITH beirut?
i just don't understand.


oh, and a quick note to brandon bethancourt of alaska in winter in regards to his two NY dates.
i have come to accept that i will never see you.
i've waited long enough for you to come to NY, and now that you have two dates here, one is 19+ and the other is 21+ ... that doesn't help me. at all. ever. i'm too young. once again, and this is why i've missed and will miss 85 billion shows.
this is tragic.

and one more note to owen pallett, zach condon, brandon bethancourt and ed droste.
why can't you all make our lives a million times easier and ALL play a show together.
you're all friends, obviously.
and you're all going to be in new york at the same time ... literally.
why NOT play together?
i'm just saying, it would make my life, and i'd pay a large sum of money to see that happen.
and while you're at it, invite patrick wolf ... and andrew bird.
then get arcade fire to play too.
i'm going overboard now, but imagine how magical that would be?



Frank said...

You could send the Beirut tickets here so you can go the Final Fantasy! ;D

devyn ... hellz yesssss! said...

hahaaa, i'll keep my beirut tickets! :P
obviously my love for zach condon is greater than that for owen pallett, though both are musical geniuses.
i'm not even sure if final fantasy is all ages.