Thursday, January 8, 2009

i've never

made any new years resolutions before.
i think now is the time.

this year, i will:
get my permit in the event that i don't fail my written test. ... i failed it.
figure out where i want to go for college.
not fuck up my grades and perhaps only have to take my latin final and nothing else.
do my homework AT HOME ... i don't do my homework, period.
actually go to school club meetings rather than just skipping all the time.
beat last year's record of 55 shows.
actually practice playing bass ... i need to stop half-assing and pick up my instrument.
teach myself every uke beirut song.
buy some spandex.
make some shorts.
take more pictures.
get new glasses. i can't see!
learn how to listen.
knit a scarf ... i've never finished one. ever.
drink less yoohoo ... i swear, i bleed that shit.
go back to philly for another adventure.
buy a wristwatch.
wear a wristwatch.
actually have a phone that lasts more than a month.
clean my room.
modify that old polaroid camera so it can use 600 film.
be nicer to my friends.
be more patient.
stop being so obnoxious.
make new friends.
figure out who matters and who doesn't.
finish writing that letter.

...that's all.

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