Monday, January 19, 2009

apparently, heaven runs on rainbows and glitter.

ok, so on saturday the 17th, i went to see nightmare of you and the orion experience at maxwell's.
i had been looking forward to this show for quite a while, even though nightmare of you are on my list of bands that i'm mad at.
little did i know that this might be the last time i ever see them because they managed to bring me to my breaking point.
i'm so confused and upset right now. i don't even know what's going on.
i've never been so upset during a show before.

the night started out like any other show.
the first band, bottle up and go was whatever ... kind of disturbing, but entertaining i suppose. the next band, u.s. royalty was good. i like the lead singer's voice a lot. the orion experience was splendid as usual ... jersey city represent! apparently they live in bklyn now though. so nvm, i guess orion is no longer holding down varick street.

then there was nightmare of you.
it was just beginning to sink in that they have a new drummer considering this was only the second time i'd be seeing them with the new guy. mike, i think his name is?
anyways, he was on stage setting up, then brandon and joe came up.
but where was my beloved ryan? i didn't see him anywhere.
suddenly, this guy in his early 30's maybe, came onto the stage. he was holding a bass and plugging it in to the amp.

my heart dropped. who was this guy? i had no idea.
it certainly wasn't ryan heil.

sure enough, this mysterious ugly man started to play as the first song started, which btw was a new song.
i couldn't even ENJOY the new songs because i was so baffled. or maybe the new songs were just that bad. who knows? setlist?only 6 songs from their s/t, one from the ep and the rest was new. it was terrible.

brandon was drunk out of his mind, slurring his words, messing up the lyrics. it was a mess.
that alone would've made me upset, but this new bassist added to my anger.
eventually brandon introduced the guy.
"this is our new bassist, brandon meyer ... i hate that there are twooooo brandons in the band now," brandon reilly said to us.
i started crying. i kid you not.

i refuse to see nightmare of you ever again.
not only has my favorite member left the band, but they have thrown out everything i loved about them.
brandon reilly is a wreck, i realized that when i saw them over the summer.
and unless he gets himself together, they can say goodbye to one of their most loyal fans.

remember the time i used to see you every month?
the time when i would collect your setlists and ryan told me i had enough to wipe my ass with?
the time when you knew exactly who i was, even when you were drunk?
the time i used sit down and talk to you after the shows, then tell you to slow down after your 5th beer?
the time when you would ask me why i was always at the shows and i'd answer, "because you're amazing!"
of course you don't.

i'm sorry nightmare of you.
i just can't deal with you anymore.
i feel like i just wrote a break up letter.
that's basically what it is i guess.

photos ... the orion experience:

the last pictures i will ever take of nightmare of you:

if anyone has any information on why ryan heil is no longer in the band, please let me know.
he's still listed as a member on the myspace, i don't get what's going on.


Anonymous said...

YEAH. So I went and saw them last night.. I was very disapointed.
And brandon, the singer, he was a dick. :|

devyn devyn devyn said...

brandon reilly wasn't always a dick, let me just tell you .... he used to be one of my favorite people ever, even when he was drunk.
ugh, i can't even deal.
whatever, i'm over it.
they're such a mess.