Saturday, November 22, 2008


the woodies were a bust.
i saw myself maybe three times, and that was all.
they only showed one song from each performance ... which was sad because most of the artists that played did like three songs.

anyways, so basically, i'm out of shows until december 16th ... of montreal @ music hall.
i am INCREDIBLY stoked for that.
no joke. oh my god.
then i have nothing again until february. how is this even possible.

i was supposed to see kid sister on monday, but her show was cancelled (probably because she's like defffffinitely pregnant) and rescheduled for february 2nd.
SPEAKING OF KID SISTER ... her debut album, 'dream date' drops on the 24th ... i can stop searching for bootleg tracks now ... yay!!
and the new kanye album drops the same day.
oh shitz.

also, i inherited my grandfather's old canon ftb ... circa 1973, lovez it.

btw, look here tomorrow: CLICK!!!!
in fact, look there all the time.
npsh = <333

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