Saturday, November 1, 2008

oh, the things i do...

for matt and kim.

considering they ARE pretty much my favorite band ever ever ever, if you haven't already noticed, i'd do almost anything in the world for them. whether it be getting lost in bushwick, standing through a million horrible bands but keeping my cool til they come on, baking them cookies out of the love of my heart, or even spending all my money (er ... my mom's money) to go to philly.

last night was the big todd p/panache halloween party. it wouldn't have been that hard to get to if it wasn't halloween and if the streets weren't HORRIBLY crowded with crazies in terrible costumes. it took over an hour to get to "east williamsburg" ... i thought we were in bushwick, but whatever.
anywayzzzzz ... i guess we didn't realize that the venue was LEGIT, so we had no idea there would be security ... what in the fucks?! security at a todd p show? that shit is just unheard of!

by the time we got there, we had already missed screens and fiasco, who probably would've been the highlights of the bands who played before matt and kim. i have to say, i disliked every band that played before matt and kim, which was a surprise, because i always like at least one opening band, but i guess this was not the case last night.
we sat in the other room while child abuse was on. you can just tell by the name that they're bad. some grindcore shit, where every song has the same heavy drumbeat and horrendous screaming. yeah, awesome ... NOT!

next were the homosexuals. a bunch of old british guys. not horrible, but it wasn't anything i'd listen to in my free time or anything i'd be dying to see again.

after them was quite possibly the WORST band i have ever seen in my entire life ... possibly.
fucking aids wolf. like, i thought ponytail was bad ... this made ponytail seem great. is that even possible?
ughh ... it was just bad jumbled up instrumentals with this girl wearing practically no clothes shrieking into the microphone. sometimes not even shrieking, it was just death noises. i honestly thought she was dying. or maybe i was just dying. my ears felt like they were literally bleeding. it was the worst thing ever, and i hope i never see them ever again.

and then there were ponytail. i just left the room, and got beverages. i couldn't deal with ANY band at that moment.
we just sat on a bench, half-stalked a this boy with a blue hat, and laughed at everyone's costumes.

next were dmbq ... a bunch of crazy asians making noises that sounded like screams from the depths of hell.
yeah, no thanks. their performance was similar to that of monotonix, but the music was FAR FAR FARRRRRR worse.
like, at least the guys in monotonix are funny. this was just ... ugh. i don't even wanna think about it.
every time i thought it was over, it WASN'T!! :(

FINALLY were matt and kim. by then, it was almost 3. it's a miracle that i was able to stay alive until then.
matt was dressed as a chef and his hat said "born to kill" and kim was dressed as a waitress and her hat thingie it said "born to die" ... so cute. hahaa.
at first, i was in the second row behind some assholes. i never settle for anything behind front row, and i wasn't gonna make this the first time i WASN'T in the front for them, so of course i pushed some little shit out of the way and got to the front. seriously, the people next to us were the worst matt and kim fans i have every encountered. they're usually just really enthusiastic, these ones weren't even enthusiastic, they were just violent.
ANYWAYS! matt and kim only played around 10 or 11 songs, "yea yeah," "lightspeed," jesse jane," silver tiles," "grand," "good ol' fashion nightmare," "the final countdown" (in the middle of the set, wtf), that 5-4-3-2-1 song, the really fast new one, i feel like there was some other new one (this is not the order they played the songs in, obvz) and they closed with "it's a fact" and everyone in the first 2 rows got on stage to dance. probably my favorite part of the night.
but for real, for a headlining show, what a short set. when they don't headline, the setlist is 9 songs long, so i was very confused.
but they were great regardless of how many songs they played.

shit ended at 3:30, got home around 5. wtf.

oh, and that fuckhead with the bunny ears decided to stagedive, and he stepped on my bag which happened to be on the stage, and uh, broke the screen on my camera. thanks.
i took two pictures. both of which suck because i couldn't see what the picture looked like, obvz becaue my screen is all white with a big black splotch through it.

looks like a skunk, i think.

matt and kim (fuckin a, really .... and i got no pictures of kim because there was some girl sitting in front of her)

happy halloween.

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